Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

Because prevention is better than cure

One of the best ways to maximise vehicle uptime is to stay on top of maintenance. Our nationwide network of approved Dealers can support your vans and your business, helping to prevent problems before they arise and keeping your vehicles out on the road and earning their keep.

Free, no-obligation Visual Health Check

Bring your van to an approved Mercedes-Benz Vans Dealer for a free, no-obligation Visual Health Check and a highly trained Mercedes-Benz specialist will carry out the following inspections:

  • Interior inspection: horn, washers, wipers, seat belts and parking brake
  • Exterior light inspection: lights and lens
  • Exterior vehicle inspection: windscreen, windows, exterior mirrors and wipers
  • Under bonnet inspection: brake fluid, coolant, V belt, fluid leaks and battery
  • Under vehicle inspection: steering, suspension and drivetrain check
  • Brake inspection: front/rear pads, front/rear discs

At the end of the Check, you’ll receive a full report and, if there’s any work required, we’ll let you know what the priority actions are and give you a full competitive quote. You’re under no obligation to accept the quote or indeed carry out the work – you can drive away and consider your options - but it’s always good to know what’s happening under the bonnet, especially ahead of busy trading periods or the harsh winter months.

Keep on top of AdBlue levels

Mercedes-Benz diesel engine vehicles carrying BlueTEC badges use AdBlue technology to help reduce the amount of harmful nitrogen oxides found in the vehicles’ emissions.

AdBlue levels

As the levels of AdBlue get low, a warning light will appear on your dashboard. If you don’t top up, you’ll see a reduction in engine performance and the van’s speed will be limited to 12mph until the tank has been refilled.
You can top up your AdBlue tank at most service stations across the country, or of course at your nearest approved Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

MOT - A legal requirement that maximises efficiency and safety

Your MOT certificate confirms that your vehicle meets the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards required by law – and it’s also an important way to make sure your van is performing at its best on an on-going basis.


Regularly maintaining your van with an approved Mercedes-Benz Dealer will ensure it’s delivering the safety and economy you need it to. You can renew your MOT up to one month before it expires without affecting your annual expiry date - contact your local Mercedes-Benz Vans Dealer to book your next MOT or to find out when it is due.

Collision repairs - For complete peace of mind

If your van has been involved in an accident, the best way to ensure your vehicle retains the same structural integrity as it had pre-accident is to insist that the repairer uses Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

Our nationwide network of Mercedes-Benz Approved
Bodyshops work to specific Mercedes-Benz criteria, meaning only the work required will be carried out and your downtime will be kept to a minimum – cost-efficiency is our priority. Your local Mercedes-Benz Vans Dealer can provide you with a quote for any of your repair needs, however big or small.

Wear and tear repairs

There are two ways to go about repairs to your Mercedes-Benz Van. If you are looking for entirely fixed cost maintenance, ask about the Mercedes-Benz Vans ServiceCare Complete plan or alternatively if you prefer you can book on an ad hoc basis with Pay As You Go.

The Mercedes-Benz Vans ServiceCare Complete plan

Many businesses, particularly those operating a number of vans, enjoy entirely fixed cost maintenance with ServiceCare Complete.

As long as your van is less than five years old at the end of the plan, you can tailor a maintenance package according to your business’s specific requirements and spread the cost without extending your credit lines.

With ServiceCare Complete, all the variable and unforeseen costs of running your vehicles simply disappear for the life of the agreement. This doesn’t just fix your costs, stabilise your cash flow and save your business money – you’ll also avoid a considerable amount of time, paperwork and administration. 

Ultimate flexibility and control

The beauty of ServiceCare Complete is its flexibility. Your Dealer will help guide you but ultimately, what’s covered is up to you, making forecasting much more straightforward.

Your ServiceCare Complete includes the follow as standard:

• All services (as per ASSYST)
• All MOT test feeds
• All friction components – wiper blades, brakes and clutches
• Repair of replacement of all engines, gearboxes, alternators, axles, bearings and mechanical components
• All electrical components fitted at factory, including engine management systems, air conditioning and power take offs
• VOSA inspections where applicable.

You can then customise your Plan by adding cover for the specifics you require, including:

• Tyres (includes damage and punctures)
• Ancillary equipment such as tail-lifts and fridges – including servicing according to manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Example costs

The figures below show typical costs for ServiceCare Complete.

The actual cost depends on how you use your vans, your estimated annual mileage, what you would like to include and how you prefer to budget – talk to your Dealer for a tailored proposal.

• Sprinter – from £47.67 a month
• Vito – from £49.88 a month
• Citan – from £23.53 a month

Pay As You Go Repairs

See below five of our most commonly purchased wear and tear parts at one low fitted price across our network.

Supply & FitSprinter(2006 onwards)Vito(2004-2015 model)Vito(2015 onwards)
Front Wiper Blades£55£50£49£46£45
Front Brake Pads£125£100£110£135£145
Front Brake Pads & Discs£267£235£235£220£300
Rear Brake Pads
Rear Brake Pads & Discs£275£315£275£320£315