Service Care Plan.

Service contracts

Wouldn’t it be good to know what lies ahead on the road? With Service Care you can.

A flexible Service Care plan lets you choose how many services to include and how much to pay, either in monthly or upfront payments.

Whether you drive a new or used Citan, Vito or Sprinter, Service Care offers more benefits than simply spreading the cost of servicing.

You can protect yourself against increases in labour rates, parts prices and inflation, and you can have your next service with Service Care, even if you have booked it already.

Service CareComplete Care
Routine service labour costs
Routine service parts
Routine service lubricants
Front and rear brake pads
Front and rear brake discs (including brake cleaner)
Fly wheel
Clutch friction material
Release bearings
Worn centre plate
Wiper blade if required during maintenance service
MOT test fees (vehicles under 3.5 tonnes or plated to under 3.5 tonnes)
Transferable to new owner when vehicle sold (if Plan paid for upfront)
Repair or replacement of engine
Repair or replacement of gear box
Repair or replacement of rear axle
Repair or replacement of all other mechanical componants
Repair or replacement of computing management system
Repair or replacement of all other electrical components
Emergency road side assistanceΔ■ Δ
Recovery to nearest Mercedes-Benz authorised repairerΔ■ Δ
Extension to contract life available
Fast track preferential authorisation and processing
Monthly paid contract
Prepaid contract
Provision of replacement vehicleΔΔ □
Refrigeration units
UK & Continental cover
Ministry inspections (vehicles over 3.5 tonnes)
Collection and Delivery of vehicle
Courtesy vehicle
Available on any vehicle age

■ Standard cover

□ Optional cover

Δ Available free, for the first three years from registration date. For any vehicles registered after 1 Oct 2012, cover is available for up to 30 years under MobiloVan UK and associated terms and conditions.

*Based on a manual Citan with monthly payments spread across 36 months. Prices exclusive of 20% VAT.

Excludes Vario